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The international iPhone 12 model lacks mmWave...And charges you more for it

Updated: Apr 29

Much ink has already been spilled over the 30 dollar carrier subsidy that brings the iPhone 12's true price to 830 dollars, 130 more than the iPhone 11 launched with last year.

But there's another annoying feature that US focused media hasn't picked up on much. The international iPhone 12 lineup lacks mmWave, which may be fine enough for most who never plan to use the nascent and short range technology. But there's a catch. While the Google Pixel 5 similarly lacks mmWave on international models, it costs correspondingly less. When the iPhone 12 lacks mmWave on international models, it costs more.

For those keeping track - 699USD (left) should be 919 Canadian Dollars (right), and 799USD should be 1050CAD, an almost 80 dollar surcharge, while also saving Apple the cost of an expensive radio, and not one covered by the 30 dollar carrier subsidy. Contrast to the Pixel 5, which costs 699 in the US and 799 in Canada, while the direct conversion would have been more at 919 dollars. This also follows a trend of consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series S and X costing less than the direct conversion, as the console makers ate some of the conversion to round down. Google charge less, because it's the same phone but lacking an expensive feature.

Which is what makes sense.

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