• Nitesh

The iPad Pro runs a Mac chip and has the same RAM as the iMac. So let it run macOS.

Updated: Apr 29

A curious tidbit from yesterdays Apple event was that the iPad Pro, in addition to receiving the same (actually, the full blown 8C GPU chip, unlike the base iMac and Macbook Air) M1 chip as desktop and laptop Macs, was upgraded with support of up to 16GB of internal RAM.

It's curious in itself that Apple has started to outright list RAM capacities on iPads, which historically has needed to wait for some software digging or benchmark results to be found out. But moreover - this now gives the iPad everything it needs to run full blown macOS. Previous iPad Pro chips have already been plenty capable, but where some were paired with 4GB of RAM instead, macOS could be a usable but not amazing experience. Not anymore. For everything iPadOS isn't, it's time to let the iPad Pro boot into macOS. Nothing has to be left behind from iPadOS that made it an iPad. I could even see it being a Springboard icon to launch into macOS for anything you need to get done there, which I think would be an elegant solution. With one move, Apple could have a Surface competitor on their hands. If they plan on adding the software to allow it.

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